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 Warning: If you’re obsessed with Facebook, this book may make your obsession worse…

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Here’s what reviewers have to say about Madeline Cain’s first adventure:

The Grand Adventures of Madeline Cain: Photographer Extraordinaire is an engrossing work of young adult fiction that promises to reach beyond young adult audiences into the worlds of twenty-somethings, and provides a story narrated in modern snippets of detail from announcements and texts to Facebook posts. Add romances, betrayals, and blackmail to the mix and you have a rollicking set of encounters at home and abroad, all fueled by the spunky persona of a girl determined to live life to its fullest – and share her experiences with friends and loved ones.

~ Diane Donovan, Senior e-book reviewer, Midwest Book Review



The problem with Facebook is, you can’t fail at life in private.

Madeline Cain has made it! A New York City adventure and acceptance into a world famous photography school in Greenwich Village. What else could await an Australian in the big city but glamour, fun and kickass photo opportunities? All she needs is Facebook to brag to family and friends back home and she’s set. Right? Right??

Not quite.

From the moment she’s forced to make ends meet by accepting a job as a pizza delivery girl chaos becomes a close friend, much to the delight of her growing Facebook followers. As Madeline struggles not to embarrass herself in front of her hot (but taken) neighbour, Kevin, she must survive abusive umbrellas, deliveries to cross-dressing dwarfs, and completely unwarranted FBI questioning. Things move from the crazy to the ridiculous when she accidentally blackmails Kevin’s millionaire girlfriend with photos of her cheating on him.

Does Madeline accept the bribe money she desperately needs or protect her budding relationship with Kevin the hottie?

Written as though you are reading Madeline’s Facebook page, ‘The Grand Adventures of Madeline Cain’ is a modern tale that will leave you in stitches.


Now With Bonus Interactive Facebook Experience!

With this e-book, the story doesn’t stay on the page. Taking advantage of the age of social media, readers can now interact with the main characters from Madeline Cain on Facebook. Each character has their own page where readers will find the characters interacting and posting additional pictures, videos and more.