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A healthy dose of Kathy Lette, a dash of Bridget Jones, a smidgeon of Crocodile Dundee and a hefty dollop of Sex In The City, and you have a breezy, entertaining read that will have you wondering why your life is so comparatively uneventful.’

~Reviewer, Jamie Simpson, 

The Grand Adventures of Madeleine Cain: Photographer Extraordinaire is a funny, lighthearted story of a twenty something Aussie making her way in the Big Apple. Well written and entertaining it is a unique contemporary read and I hope to be privy to Madeleine’s next adventures.’

~Shelleyrae, Amazon Top 500 reviewer.

Emily Craven’s latest novel, The Grand Adventures of Madeline Cain, is the perfect read for those beginning to navigate the world of travel, work and independence, and for whom living large on social media is second nature.’

~Amazon Reviewer.

‘A delight. This is truly a fun read.’

~David. E. Cowen, Amazon Review.

‘I LOVED this book. I laughed and smiled the whole way through, rolling my eyes at the outrageous situations Madeline finds herself in.’

~Amazon review, Craneclaire.

The Grand Adventures of Madeline Cain: Photographer Extraordinaire is an engrossing work of young adult fiction that promises to reach beyond young adult audiences into the worlds of twenty-somethings, and provides a story narrated in modern snippets of detail from announcements and texts to Facebook posts. The story centers around one Madeline Cain, an Australian teen who has just snagged a coveted position halfway across the world in New York City, studying photography with her favorite photographer Jason I’Anson.

Her initial announcement to her world takes the form of an event posting complete with comments from her friends – and with this Madeline is off on a journey of adventure that turns into a series of hilarious, odd encounters in a very different culture. It’s a coming-of-age story couched in episodes of ridiculous and ironic comedy ranging from a spy photography episode to a talking, foul-mouthed umbrella. Madeline’s Australian friends stay involved – and connected – though every step of her journey and follow her every move and thought through a series of status updates, blogs, and responses to her dilemmas. But her Australian friends won’t be the only group to stay connected to her adventures via social media: The Grand Adventures of Madeline Cain: Photographer Extraordinaire and its many characters are on Facebook themselves, where readers will find them interacting and posting with lives of their own, elevating the entire novel to a multimedia interactive experience and adding a three-dimensional quality to the story’s progression.

From Farmville requests to slaps, pokes, and status changes, young adults will find this a contemporary story packed with satisfying insights told in progressive snippets of detail packed with irony and observation: “Just wanted to say, this wasn’t how I imagined the start of my grand adventure; a prig for a housemate and some unidentifiable (possibly Mexican) amphibian called Duncan. My vision of studio loft apartments, spacious and bright come nowhere close to describing this disturbing student housing. I mean, I’m paying a fortune, I have to find a job, and all I get is some crummy, two bedroom apartment with paint peeling off the walls, a cupboard for a kitchen and a bathroom that makes a moss infested cave network look like a barren desert plain. Seriously, there is enough mould on those tiles to start producing our own penicillin tablets.”

Madeline Cain’s adventures involve, vicariously, her Australian friends and even her parents as instant communications from halfway around the world allow them to experience her thoughts and encounters. Through the course of her experiences we see her identity tag change, from Madeline the Fantastic to Madeline Cain of Golden Thoughts and finally to Madeline the Ashamed.

Add romances, betrayals, and blackmail to the mix and you have a rollicking set of encounters at home and abroad, all fueled by the spunky persona of a girl determined to live life to its fullest – and share her experiences with friends and loved ones. Teens will find this format especially involving, as it mimics the staccato of information and communications ala Facebook and blog-style: something most teen novels don’t begin to accurately touch.

The protagonist and experiences in The Grand Adventures of Madeline Cain: Photographer Extraordinaire make for a vivid, involving read!

– D. Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

‘I enjoyed this – it’s a light and fun-hearted read. It gets a “Like” from me!’

~Amazon Review, Lioness.