Book 1 of the Madeline Cain Series is Free!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00042]Ease into The Grand Adventures of Madeline Cain series with the free novella, Madeline Cain: The Adventure Begins. 

That’s right, I don’t expect you to know me or my work, so this free novella is my gift to you. This way you can discover Madeline Cain, and my work, without any risk involved. Plus you get to discover how Madeline starts out on her grand adventure!

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Here’s what you’re getting into with Madeline Cain: The Adventure Begins

Life after high-school is looming and Madeline Cain is freaking out. Everyone has an opinion on what she should do with her life but her. What sane person decides the rest of their life at 17?

As Maddie resigns herself to six months of decision-making hell she meets Claire; an exchange student from Ireland with a wicked sense of humour and an aversion to technology. Claire convinces Maddie to join her ‘365 Days of Fun’ project and suddenly Maddie finds herself giving fake tarot readings at the beach, dressing up as a superhero to stop petty crime, and hijacking a cult from its creator.

But when Madeline gets caught ‘playing games’ rather than taking her future ‘seriously’, reality comes crashing down. Will Maddie find the career of her dreams? Or is she doomed to spend her life adventure-less?

Written as though you are reading Madeline’s Facebook page, Madeline Cain: The Adventure Begins is a contemporary comedy that will leave you in stitches…


Praise for the Grand Adventures of Madeline Cain Series….

Madeline Caine eBook (Medium)The Grand Adventures of Madeline Cain (Book 2) is an engrossing work of young adult fiction that promises to reach beyond young adult audiences into the worlds of twenty-somethings, and provides a story narrated in modern snippets of detail from announcements and texts to Facebook posts. Add romances, betrayals, and blackmail to the mix and you have a rollicking set of encounters at home and abroad, all fueled by the spunky persona of a girl determined to live life to its fullest – and share her experiences with friends and loved ones.

~ Diane Donovan, Senior e-book reviewer, Midwest Book Review


Madeline Caine - Adventures in Fasion eBook (Large)Madeline Cain: Adventures in Fashion (Book 3) is a funny light-hearted story that many YA readers will love. There are many laugh out loud moments and some that are filled with drama, romance, and intrigue that will keep you sucked in till the very end.

~ Ashley Schoen, reviewer for Paranormal Romances and Authors that Rock!