About The Author


Author, Editor, Speaker, Emily Craven was first inspired to placed pen to paper when she was in school, starting her first novel at 14. While writing is her passion, Emily, in a moment of delusion, went to university and completed a Bachelor of Space Science and Astrophysics, majoring in geophysics. So technically, she can claim to be an astrophysicist (stars), geophysicist (rocks) and writer (crazy).

Emily lives in Australia and yes, back when she was a teenager her high school had its own herd of Kangaroos. She’s been to almost every continent (Africa being her weakness in continent-domination) and has the pretty photographs to prove it (check out Imagesforjoy on Instagram).

She is the author of the Grand Adventures of Madeline Cain series, a YA contemporary comedy written as though you’re reading the main character’s Facebook Page. She also has writers’ guides in editing and publishing for the writers as crazy as her!

She’s one of those insane people who gets excited at the thought of sky diving (though if you try to attach her to the end of a bungee cord she will take you down with her for your cruelty). She loves doing tribal belly dance, singing, is a self confessed Trekkie, and will never pass up a good bar of chocolate. If you put her anywhere in the vicinity of snow, please be aware of avalanches, we hear her squeals of excitement are at just the right pitch to trigger them.


The Serious Stuff

In 2016 she won the QLD Literary Awards Young Writer and Publisher of the Year Award and in 2018 was granted a writer’s residency at the Caetani Cultural Centre in Canada. She was previously the Digital Producer for the Queensland Writers Centre, where she produced online courses for writers, podcasts and educational videos on writing, publishing, and digital experiments. For the past five years she has been the proud CEO, Editor and Publisher at Story City, an innovative locative storytelling app that won the inaugural Brisbane City Council Innovation Award. She now works with councils and other organisations to create interactive, real-life choose-you-adventuress, tour and puzzle trail events, and hire writers and artists across the world to work with her to create these stories.

She’s produced several podcasts including the E-Book Revolution podcast where she interviewed various experts in marketing, publishing and transmedia from 2012-2014, and the Priori Podcast, produced in 2015-2016, a serial fantasy fiction podcast produced with semi-professional voice-actors which you can find at www.originalfantasy.com