About The Author

Emily Black and white

Emily Craven was first inspired to placed pen to paper when she was 12, after she learnt her favourite author, Isobelle Carmody, began her first novel at 14. Emily finished the first draft of her fantasy and travel novel manuscripts while completing a Bachelor of Science (Space Science and Astrophysics and Geophysics) at the University of Adelaide. So technically, she can claim to be an astrophysicist (stars), geophysicist (rocks) and writer (crazy). She writes YA fiction, Fantasy and non-fiction. Emily had two blogs, one about writing (http://theoriginalfantasy.blogspot.com.au) and other about publishing and marketing for writers (http://ebookrevolution.blogspot.com)

Emily lives in Australia and yes, back when she was a teenager her high school had its own herd of Kangaroos. She’s been to almost every continent (Africa being her weakness in continent-domination) and has the pretty photographs to prove it (though probably less professional then Madeline Cain…).

In 2010 Emily decided life wasn’t interesting enough and decided trying to write a novel in a month. Definitely not insane enough to try writing a fantasy novel, she chose to do a comedy based in Facebook. She created a Facebook event and threw her plot line to the winds, asking her assortment of friends to give her their best ideas, which included chameleons, umbrella’s called Laani, triplets, a transvestite dwarf book club and a group of disturbed university students. Emily sites November 2010 as the only month she could legitimately claim her hours on Facebook as “research”. She then went one step further with her creation and gave her characters their own Facebook pages, where they run amok and poke fun at their creator.


Unusual Talents Or Hobbies:

She’s one of those insane people who gets excited at the thought of sky diving (though if you try to attach her to the end of a bungee cord she will take you down with her for your cruelty). She loves doing tribal belly dance, singing, is a self confessed Trekkie, and will never pass up a good bar of chocolate. If you put her anywhere in the vicinity of snow, please be aware of avalanches, we hear her squeals of excitement are at just the right pitch to trigger them.


The Serious Stuff

For five years Emily has talked to experts from around the globe, including successful indie authors, publishers and the heads of online e-publishing giants. Concurrently she sought out expert mentors in the fields of internet marketing, social media and webinars, gathering all their combined knowledge and applying it to e-books, writing and publishing industry. This research resulted in the E-Book Revolution Blog and podcast where she talks about e-books and author marketing. As a result of her success she has been featured in newspapers, magazines and TV programs across Australia and is frequently asked to consult with authors internationally.

She was the Digital Producer for if:book Australia and the QLD Writers Centre for 2013/14 and is the Producer for the interactive storytelling project, Street Reads, with the Brisbane City Council. In 2014 she won the $25,000 Brisbane City Council Innovation Award to turn her Street Reads project into an app called Story City, where participants can take part in real life choose-your-own-adventures. She has spoken on marketing, e-books, transmedia and digital storytelling for the Australian Society of Authors, if:book Australia, National Writers Centres, multiple schools, festivals and the World Fantasy Convention. In 2014/15 she will be the Digital Writer In Residence at several schools teaching enhanced storytelling.

Her non-fiction piece entitled “Insert Hope Here”, a reflective piece on the digitisation of books, was published in the Australian literary magazine Voiceworks #84, ‘Pulp’. She has had multiple speculative fiction short stories published and in the 2012 Aurealis Awards she was awarded the Kris Hemsbury Award for an emerging speculative fiction writer. In 2012 was mentored by world renowned fantasy author Isobelle Carmody, and is blogging about the lessons she learn at http://theoriginalfantasy.blogspot.com.au.

Always striving to challenge herself, Emily wrote her first play (Jake’s Page) which was accepted into Urban Myth’s Out of the Boot program (SA). The play was dramaturged by Caroline Reid, and produced in June 2012.